Day 1:

Tufi to Orotoaba Village. This morning after breakfast at the resort the boys from the villages will arrive to pick the group up around mid morning. Guests will board their traditionally dug out outriggers and sit on a large bamboo platform while slowly being paddled up to Jebo Village, following the coast line all the way.

On arrival at Jebo Village it will take the group approximately 1 hour to walk up to the beautiful inland village of Orotoaba. 

When you arrive at Orotoaba Village you may like to take a refreshing swim in a small water hole close by.

If there are children in the group they will before long be lured in to playing with the village pikinini's. Mum & Dad can sit back and relax. Don't be surprised if they arrive back at the guest house looking a lot different from when they left. They will more than likely be painted up and dressed in traditional costume. After dinner the group will be entertained by a traditional “sing sing” (cultural performance) and enjoy the friendly integration with the villagers. Traditional Guest House Accommodation (LD)

Day 2:

Orotoaba Village to Gaivira Village. This morning for those in the group who want to rise early (4am) will be taken bird watching and hopefully spot one of Papua New Guinea’s famous Birds of Paradise. To walk in the rain forest at this time is truly a magnificent experience.

After breakfast the group will walk back down to Jebo Village. From here we canoe to the fjord and visit an exquisite waterfall plunging into the sea. Jump off your outrigger and go for a swim under the refreshing cold fresh water pounding into the ocean.

We would hope to see frigate birds, reef egret, sea eagles and kingfishers today. There will be flocks of horn bills flying down the fjords. You will hear the woosh of their huge wings before you see them. Now is the day to put on your snorkelling gear and hold onto the outrigger and let the boys slowly paddle you across the corals, sponges, and fish in these clear warm waters. (The snorkelling is in calm water and suitable for a beginner).

We will arrive at Gaivira Village early to mid afternoon. This family village is spectacular, situated right on the point overlooking white sandy beaches. It has fantastic snorkeling and is a place of peace and harmony. You may be invited by the villagers to go fishing for your dinner or you may like to go snorkelling at dusk. Tonight you will be treated to a seafood dinner, relax and enjoy the ambiance of this beautifully located guest house with its friendly extended village family. Traditional Guest House Accommodation (BLD)

Day 3:

Gaivira Village to Tufi Resort. This morning a more civilised wake up call. After coffee and breakfast the group once again hop on board their outriggers and the boys will start paddling back to the resort. On the way exploring magnificent tributaries at the end of the fjords going as far as we possibly can up them. Again seeing wonderful flora and fauna. Maybe site the worlds largest butterfly (Queen Alexandria) and hopefully some large green pythons wrapped around the trees. Snorkel the fjord at your leisure. Arriving back at the resort mid afternoon. Tufi Resort Accommodation (BL)

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