Traditional Outrigger Safari PNG

Hop on board our tradional outriggers and explore one of the most beautiful areas of Papua New Guinea.

Our soft adventure Tradional Outrigger Safari's are designed for families and for guests that want to immerse themselves in traditional village life and the day to day PNG culture.

This expedition is 3 days 2 nights in duration and is based out of the boutique Tufi Dive/Adventure Resort.

Our outriggers are made out of bamboo and have a large bamboo platform that guests can sit on taking photo's, relaxing or snorkelling from. The boys will paddle you from village to village and up the fjords exploring the tributaries, siting the flocks of hornbills swooping over the ocean and maybe seeing the largest butterfy in the world. The Queen Alexander. On the second day of the safari the villagers will get you up early to walk up to where the Birds of Paradise feed.

Our little members of the group will before you know it be playing with the village childen leaving Mum and Dad to relax. Don't be surprised if they arrive back in the evening painted up like child warriors and wearing traditional dress.

The best time of year to go is between April and July, September and December.



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