Mount Wilhelm Climb, Papua New Guinea

Elevation 4509 meters (14793 feet)

Location: Simbu Province, Papua New Guinea

Mt Wilhelm is the highest mountain in Papua New Guinea and Oceania has rugged peaks with a well formed trail leading to its summit. The ascent crosses diverse and beautiful terrain with open grassland on the slopes and granite predominant in the higher levels. It is not a technical mountain to climb and takes 3 – 4 days to ascend.

There are no ropes involved or high altitude gear or equipment required. You WILL feel the effects of altitude on Wilhelm. Although we do our very best to have a 100% success rate to the summit, safety is our highest priority. This mountain lends itself to all age groups and would expect anyone wanting to ascend to be in good physical condition. Please do not underestimate how physically hard this mountain is. It will be one of the hardest and taxing days physically that the majority of people will undertake. Those of you who have done Kokoda this day is many times harder as any day you did Kokoda.


This area has to be one of the most scenically spectacular areas of Papua New Guinea. The terrain is rugged and to see gardens on these steepest of slopes is truly amazing.

We trek through three echo systems, tropical, temperate forest and alpine. You will see amazing wild orchids and trek through a savanna of cycads. If you want to truly experience the highlands of Papua New Guinea this is a must do trek. If you don't want to climb the mountain take the leisurely walk to base camp or you may chose to stay at the Lodge which is a remarkable experience in itself.

Meet the family and friends who run the trout farm here and walk around the magnificent garden. All our guides have their special places to go in PNG this is Pam's the owner of PNG Trekking Adventures favorite place in PNG. Mt Wilhelm can be climbed all year round. Although the best months to climb is from May to November. The weather is warm during the day but can become quite cool in the evenings. On the mountain it can get down to –5 degrees celcius and taking in the win chill factor it can get down to –15 degrees celcius.

Accommodation at Betty Lodge is clean and rustic. The accommodation at Base Camp is very, very basic. Its up high and gets very cold at night. You must be very fit to climb the mountain. The summit day is 12-14 hours long.

You may like to take along some extra local currency to tip the local porters and other guides if you feel they have done a good job. This is not compulsory.

Please note that we are restricted on numbers by vehicle capacity. Our vehicles take 4-5 pax each. Ground transport into the mountain is very expensive due to the condition of the roads.


Immerse yourself in PNG culture. Climb Mt Wilhelm or trek Kokoda and follow up with one of the below famous Cultural Shows. POA to attend cultural shows only.

Mt Wilhelm  & Mt Hagen Show Festival 2016

Mt Wilhelm Climb: 16-19 August 2016, Mt Hagen Show: 20-21 August 2016

Mt Wilhelm Climb & Goroka Show Festival 2016

Mt Wilhelm Climb: 13-16 September 2016, Goroka Show: 17-18 September 2016

Mt Wilhelm Climb & Tabuna Festival 2017

Mt Wilhelm Climb: 15-18 May 2017, Tabuna Festival: 19 May 2017

Mt Wilhelm CLimb & Mt Hagen Show Festival 2017

Mt Wilhelm Climb: 15-18 August 2017, Mt Hagen Show: 19-20 August 2017

Mt Wilhelm Climb & Goroka Show Festival 2017

Mt Wilhelm Climb: 12-15 September 2017, Goroka Show: 16-17 September 2017

Mt WIlhelm Climb & Kenu & Kundo Festival 2017

Mt Wilhelm Climb: 30 Oct - 2 November 2017, Kenu & Kundo Festival 4-5 November 2017

Mt Hagen & Goroka Show Festivals guests must book early to secure accommodation.

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