Keno and Kundu Canoe Festival - Alotau, Papua New Guinea

This Festival is the largest and most significant event on Milne Bay's cultural calendar, drawing participants from through out the province and abroad. Milne Bay is a Maritime Province with over 600 islands and canoes are an integral part of the culture and existence of Milne Bay people.

Dates: 6-8 November 2015

There are approximately five different types of canoes, these include the smaller sailing canoes with outriggers and sails, Long War canoes bearing elaborately decorated prows that seat up to 50 men, canoes used purposely for trading and travel over long distances such as during the great Kula Trading voyages. Others were used for daily activities such as fishing.

Participants prepare month's in advance often undergoing sacred rituals in isolation. Participants come from remote Island communities -as far as Misima, Trobriand and D'Entrecasteaux group of Islands including the mainland areas within the main bay such as Maiwara and Waga Waga. Often the participants face rough seas and weather conditions just to reach the Festival site. This can take several days for those living on the islands. Paddlers travel with their canoes loaded with garden food, pigs and cultural dance groups for the feasting exchange ceremony during the festival.

The Canoe Festival also draws participants from other parts of the country and abroad. In the past The long Gogodala River Canoes from Western Province have taken part in addition to international participation from a Hawaiian outrigger team. Cultural groups from other parts of the country are also featured. The Festival site is in the main town area next to the market and along the foreshore. Numerous stalls are featured selling local arts & crafts, food and a range of different items.

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Departure dates:

Sunday 1st November-Friday 6th Novemebr 2015

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