Kayaking-Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Trekking Papua New Guinea

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Paddling Dawadawa River

Planes, boats, trekking and paddling - if adventure and a real Papua New Guinea experience is what you are looking for then look no further - this trip has it all. We invite you to come and visit and share with us this most beautiful area of Papua New Guenea. This Expedition is raw and out there. There have been very few tourists walk or paddle this corridor of land. The exploratory expedition carried out in October last year.

SAMARI ISLAND: We visit Samariai Island, the former administrative capital in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. The island is historically significat as the site of a trading port and stop-over between Australia and Eas Asia. Samarai twn was established on the island and at it height was the second largest after Port Moresby inthe Terriroty of Papua. At present little is left of the town which covered Samarai as it was destroyed during World War 11. The island was declared a National Historical Heritage Island by the government of Papua New Guinea in 2006.

Derelict Anglican Church-Samarai

KWATO ISLAND: This island is 2-3 kilmeters west of Samaria Island. The Reverend Charles Abel and his wife, Beatirce founded a non hierarchical church in 1891 on Kwato. The Mission Dwato functioned as a successfl education and boat building centre. The mission's boas were used to supply the Australian Coast watchers during WW11.

Kwato Mission Church

TREK & PADDLE: Trek around beautiful little bays and mangroves, past surprised yet very friendly locals all calling out greetings as they go about their morning rountines in their simple yet idyllic houses and gardens. The jungle is relatively flat and we walk at an easy pace chatting with your guides and learning about their "Jungel Grocery Store" - the vast array of cooking plants, edible fruits and berries, including coffee, vanilla and cocoa trees-cafe in the making. There are many river crossings, a variety of wildlife includes the numerous birdcalls, the illusive Bird of Paradise, the the large and colourful Horn Bills flying overhead.

Fun with the locals

Either Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board down the magnificent Dawadawa River. This is a genuine working river and you will see many people going about their daily business: families fishing together in carefully balanced dug-out canoes and women bathing toddlers outside neat houses and gardens. Be greeted with broad smiles and enthusiastic waves at every turn. The river is calm and it is an enjoyable experience with plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere and admire the magnificent scenery. The deep water flows steadily, a few small rapids pepper your journey with some excitement. The thick jungle hugs the river's edge providing a backdrop for the abundance of bird life.

2016 Departure Dates:

15-20 October 2016

30 October - 3 November 2016, Attend the famous Kenu & Kundu Festival in Alotau: 4-5 November 2016

19-24 December 2016, Have Xmas at Tree Tops Lodge: 25 December 2016

26-31 December 2016, Have New Years Eve at Tree Tops Lodge: 31 December 2016

2017 Departutre Dates:

15-19 January 2017

18-23 February 2017

18-23 March 2017

31 October - 4 November, Attend the famous Kenu & Kundo Festival in Alotau: 5-6 November

19-24 December 2017, Have Xmas at Tree Tops Lodge: 25 December 2017

26-31 December 2017, Have New Years Eve at Tree Tops Lodge: 31 December 2017

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