Goroka Cultural Show - Mt Wilhelm Expedition

Date: 10-18 September 2017

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Not often does an opportunity like this present itself.

  • Visit Mt Wilhelm, take the opportunity to climb Papua New Guinea's highest mountain.
  • Attend one of the worlds most captivating cultural events the Goroka Cultural Show

Our clients do not have to climb the mountain. This is an extremely beautiful area of Papua New Guinea. Stay at the Lodge at the base of the mountain, go for day walks. If you are interested in Alpine Orchids this is the place to view them. Or, climb the mountain. Mt Wilhelm is PNG's highest mountain at 4509 meters. This has to be one of the most scencically spectacular areas of Papua NEw Guinea. The terrain is rugged and to see vegetable gardens on these steepest of slopes is truly amazing. We trek through three eco systems, tropical, temperate and alpine. You will see amazing alpine wild orchids and trek through the valley of cycads.

The Goroka Show is a significant event in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. It is a two day cultural extravaganza providing entertainment to people from around the world.

Sing Sing Group Circa 1957/58Sing Sing Group Goroka Show Circa 1957-1958

This show is the most well-known tribal gathering and cultural event in PNG. Approximately 100 tribes arrive to showcase their music, dance and perform extraordinary displays of tribal rituals. The festivel started in the mid 1950's, initiated by the Missionaries. The Australian Kiaps (patrol officers) then took over organising the festival in 1957. Kiaps from each district built round houses typical of their districts where they displayed the various and unique cultures of the people living there. The Kiaps also brought in 'singsing' groups from surrounding areas creating an entertaining weekend for everyone within the Province. Also helping people forget their tribal differnces.

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