Gorilla Trek Rwanda

A truly unique, once in a life time adventure. We will visit Rwanda, home to the critically endangered Mountain Gorilla, where we shall track these gentle giants. The Mountain Gorillas inhabit some of the most spectacular scenery on earth, high on the flanks of the Virunga Volcanoes. We will also take the opportunity to visit the grave of famed primatologist Dian Fossey, who dedicated her life to the conservation and protection of these animals.

Gorilla Treks: The highlight of this tour is undoubtedly the opportunity to trek the endangered Mountain Gorilla, and there is no doubt a face-to-face encounter with these gentle creatures is the most sensational wildlife experience of them all. During this tour you will have one opportunities to go on a Gorilla Trek. In order to participate in a Gorilla Trek, viewing permits must be obtained in advance, and they are extremely limited in number, so advance booking is essential to ensure permits can be obtained. Currently the viewing permits cost $500 per person, per day, and the cost is included in your tour.

The Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) is perhaps the World's most endangered ape, with approximately 700 animals, and they are only found in small portions of protected afro-montane forests in north-west Rwanda, south-west Uganda and the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Half the population lives in the area of the Virunga volcanoes, and the other half lives in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, although located close to one another, expanding agriculture and the clearing of forest habitat means these two populations are now isolated from one another.

Gorilla trekking is tightly controlled and regulated for the safety of the visitor and importantly for the safety of the Mountain Gorillas. A maximum of 8 visitors may visit a group of habituated Gorillas on any given day, this minimizes behavioural disturbance and the risk of their exposure to human-borne diseases.

Gorilla Groups: There are currently SEVEN groups habituated to visitors in Rwanda. Amahoro group - 15 individuals located on the Visoke volcano. Hirwa group - 12. individuals located on the Sabinyo volcano. Umubano group - 7 individuals located on the Visoke volcano. Sabinyo group - 10 individuals located between the Sabinyo and Visoke volcanoes. Susa group - 35 individuals located high on the Karisimbi volcano (long and strenuous hike). Group 13 - 21 individuals located on the Sabinyo volcano. Kwitonda group - 10 individuals located on the Sabinyo volcano, sometimes in Democratic Republic of Congo and thus off-limits. Only the Park Authorities will assign which gorilla group we will visit. You will trek from the Park Headquarters to where the guides observed the Gorillas the day before, from there you will track the Gorillas. The trails may be very muddy, slippery and parts, may be quite steep.

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